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Tim Nielsen

Jeg fandt dette på Raymarine hjemmeside måske du skulle tjekke stik og ledninger en gang til 🙂
Mvh Tim

st4000+plus showing “stlk failure”
I have a ST4000+ Wheel Pilot (mk 1 drive) with fluxgate compass. I get “stlk failure” (SeaTalk Failure) message displayed. Why is this?

This “stlk failure” message is indicating one of two likely possibilities:
There is a fault with the SeaTalk bus – i.e. The Yellow SeaTalk data cable is shorted, preventing data from being Tx/Rx. Check all cables and connections for damage, corrosion etc.
There is an internal issue within the ST4000+ Autopilot head. If this is the case, due to the age of this unit, repairs are no longer possible via the Raymarine Service Centres, so an upgrade (Part exchange?) to a new Autopilot System is recommended.